Our Fees

Our fixed-fee schedule 2023

Further Leave to Remain (eg Spouse/Partner, Ancestry, Graduate) = £600.00


Indefinite Leave to Remain (eg Spouse/Partner, Ancestry) = £600.00


Indefinite Leave to Remain (eg Skilled Worker, Long Residency) = £800.00


British Citizenship (Naturalisation/Registration) = £500.00


Replacement BRP = £200.00


Fees for other case types will be agreed prior to engagement of our services.


No VAT is applicable to our fees.


UKVI application fees are in addition to our professional representation fees.

The Company's service to you

Once the client has provided the requested documentation detailed in the documents checklist, the Company will prepare the application for submission to the appropriate government authority. This will usually be within 3-5 working days, taken from the date of receipt of all documents required for submission. The Company’s service to you will include the following:


  1. Assessment of all documentation forwarded by the client, advising on any potential areas of weakness;
  2. Completion of the relevant paper based or online application forms;
  3. Submission of the client’s application to the appropriate government authority;
  4. To act as the client’s representative during the application process and to deal with all correspondence on their behalf;
  5. Provide the client with regular updates on the progress of their application;
  6. Any further consultation required up to completion of the client’s application;
  7. Maintain an accurate record of all matters specific to the client’s application, including any information/documentation provided by the client and subsequent advice/instructions given by the Company.

No Win-No Fee policy

The Company operates a ‘no win-no fee’ policy. However should it become evident that the client’s circumstances or the evidence that they have provided may cause them to be ineligible to make an application, the Company will advise accordingly and the decision will be the client’s to proceed. The Company’s “no win-no fee” policy will not apply in the following circumstances:


  1. If the Company has doubts about the strength of the client’s case, yet the client insists on proceeding;
  2. If the client does not disclose pertinent facts about themselves or their circumstances, and their application falls for refusal on this basis;
  3. If the client’s application falls for refusal on the basis that false information was provided or that their documents could not be verified;
  4. If the client’s payment to the government authority is declined, rendering the application invalid and leads to the subsequent refusal of the application;
  5. If the client’s application falls for refusal under the “general grounds for refusal” whereby they:
    1. Previously overstayed their leave to remain in the UK;
    2. Breached the conditions attached to their visa/leave while in the UK;
    3. Entered the UK illegally on a previous occasion;
    4. Used deception in any immigration application less than 10 years ago.